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ActFive is and industrial cleansing machine maker located in Kyoto City. Our company does not use chlorinated solvents which are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. From the start, we have been inventing and manufacturing cleaning systems that only use hydrocarbon and aqueous solvents

We here at Act Five are not only in the business of selling our machines but also provide outstanding customer support in the selection of detergents, machine maintenance, and any follow up issues that our customer’s have.

Science Washing
ActFive is not just a company that sells cleaning systems.
[TOTAL COORDINATED Cleaning System Service]
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8 Features of ACT Cleaning Systems

1.Equipped with internal low-heat solution recycling unit 2.Hydrocarbon systems with proven safety measures 3.High-powered cleaning with vacuum sealed chambers 4.Combined low pressure steam and vacuum drying in one chamber. 5.DTS vacuum pump for long working life. 6.Compact size with low running cost 7.Compatible with square, round, or PP baskets 8.Test runs provided to prove machine effectiveness.
2 chamber manual system,2 chamber automatic system
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