8 Features of Feature & Technology

8. Test runs provided to prove machine effectiveness.

Cleaning Result Analysis and Advice

  • We offer consulting and support on all client inquiries.
  • At our company, we offer advice on cleaning solvent selection and provide test runs to prove their effectiveness.

Workload surface exam

Workload surface cleaning results confirmed by microscope


Contaminants (Residue)

Filter Unit: Calculates amount of residue remaining after completed wash cycle.
Particle Counter: Measures amount of contaminant particles remaining

Contaminant Collector. LPC (Liquid Particle Counter)

Residual Oil

Residual Oil Calibrator: Measures amount of oil/grease remaining on workload
Chemical test: Confirms if any oil/grease remains on surface of work load.

Residual Oil Calibrator, Residue Test Chemical

Test Result Report

Test Result Report Test Result Report scale up

Cleansing Solution Separater

Refractive Particle Calibrator

Residual Ion Calibrator

Omega Meter
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