8 Features of Feature & Technology

2.Hydrocarbon systems with proven safety measures

Hydrocarbon systems with proven safety measures

  • Does not produce temperatures higher than needed for start up.
  • Controlled cleaning solution temperatures.
  • Does not emit any gases in the flammable range.
  • Removes all flammable materials from machine.

Hydrocarbon solvents, just like oils and kerosene, are flammable liquids. Therefore, our company has taken several steps to assure the complete safety of our machines.

Equipped with a control system to assure gas levels never reach the flammable level during vacuum-tight cycles.

Controlled temperature beneath combustible levels by using indirect oil or steam heating.

Prevent overheating through placement of several sensors and safety switches. Equipped with electrical air purge.

Equipped with the world’s first ever crystalline interlock system created with the technology of a hydrocarbon cleaning system manufacturer..

3.High-powered cleaning with vacuum sealed chambers
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