8 Features of Feature & Technology

1. Equipped with internal low-heat solution recycling unit

ADR series Equipped with internal low-heat solution recycling unit

  • Capable of low-heat solution recycling. ( 15℃ lower than    other companies.)
  • Chlorine gas emissions greatly reduced by utilizing existing    heat from machine oil.
  • Eliminates color change & stains on bronze or brass parts.
  • Low residual heat on workload after drying.
  • Compatible with resinous baskets.
Patent No.3500331

The oil used in concentrated pressing (many of which contain chlorine and sulfur) emit more gas the higher the temperature is during recycling and can lead to the rusting of workload pieces and the system itself.

Our company’s air tight vacuum sealed recycling unit (ADR series) produces 15℃ lower temperatures than other companies when the same hydrocarbon cleaning cycles were compared. This is made possible by utilizing the difference in boiling points between the heating oil and cleaning solvent which also provides for high quality recycling of cleaning solvents used.

By utilizing the low temperature steam inside the recycling unit, our systems produce excellent finishing (steam cleaning) and vacuum drying results under high pressure air-tight conditions. Additional merits of our low temperature recycling process are that bronze and brass parts suffer no color change or stains due to excessive heat, cool down times are greatly reduced, and even ultra thin workloads can be cleaned with excellent results. Also, resinous baskets, which usually cannot tolerate high temperatures, can be used in the cleaning cycling.

2.Hydrocarbon systems with proven safety measures
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